analyses in the real world



As a mental health professional in the new era, consider how the appropriate application of statistical analysis can be used to understand real-world issues and issues in behavioral science, and to make informed decision making. As a mental health professional, you are expected to remain current on field research and to apply the new knowledge within your work.

For this assignment, complete the following:

  1. Select an area of interest within psychology.
  2. Use the Capella library to locate one peer-reviewed journal article in your area of interest that uses interpretation of statistical analysis to study an issue that is important in individual, organizational, or social contexts. Select an article that uses quantitative (not qualitative) analyses to address an important individual, organizational, or social issue.
  3. Write a 2–3-page paper in which you will provide a critical analysis of the article. The criteria that will be used to assess your paper are listed below. Follow the directions listed below each criterion.

    • Criterion 1: Explain an issue explored through quantitative research in a peer-reviewed journal article.

      • In your words, explain the issue that the study was undertaken to address and why it is important in individual, organizational, or social contexts.
    • Criterion 2: Evaluate research that proposes solutions based on interpretation of statistical analyses.

      • Explain and evaluate the research methodology, including the following:

        • Relevance and clarity of the research questions and hypotheses.
        • Methods of sampling and gathering data.
        • Methods of statistical analyses.
      • Evaluate areas of strength and areas of weakness in the study design and research process.
    • Criterion 3: Assess conclusions based on interpretation and selection of supporting statistical analyses.

      • Explain and evaluate how the statistical analyses support the conclusions, or if the support is not conclusive.
      • Was the null hypothesis rejected or did the author (or authors) fail to reject the null hypothesis?
      • Optional: Propose alternative experimental methods or hypotheses that could be used to investigate the study’s issue.
    • Criterion 4: Write clearly and concisely, with correct spelling, grammar, and logical organization, and with respect for readers.

      • Try to write in the clearest, most concise, and direct way.
      • Check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and organization.
      • Explain the meaning of statistical terms in plain language.
      • Communicate in a manner that respects the dignity, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and individual uniqueness of a diverse audience.
    • Criterion 5: Apply APA guidelines.

      • You may wish to use the APA Paper Template (given in the Resources) to increase your understanding of APA style and format, a key component of academic writing.

Turnitin: You are required to submit your assignment to the Turnitin source matching tool. It is very important that you always submit your work as a draft, so you can make revisions before submitting it to the Turnitin assignment link.

PSYC4700 – Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
u09a1 – Nonparametric Statistics
Complete the following problems within the Word document (do not submit other files). Show
your work for problem sets that require calculations. Ensure that your answer to each problem is
clearly visible. (You may want to highlight your answer or use a different type of color to set it
Submit the document to your instructor by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. central time.
Problem Set 9.1: One-Variable Chi-Square in SPSS (1)
Criterion: Use SPSS for a chi-square analysis.
Data: Tandy’s Ice Cream shop serves chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice creams.
Tandy wants to plan for the future years. She knows that on average she expects to
purchase 100 cases of chocolate, 75 cases of vanilla, and 25 cases of strawberry
(4:3:1). This year, the ice cream sales increased and she purchased 125 cases of
chocolate, 80 cases of vanilla, and 35 cases of strawberry.
Instruction: Complete the following steps:
a. Open SPSS and create a New DataSet.
b. Go to the Variable View tab and type Flavor in the first row and Frequency in the
second row. Adjust the decimal value to 0. Go to Values in the Flavor row and enter
1 for chocolate, 2 for vanilla, and 3 for strawberry and click OK.
c. Go to the Data View tab and under the Flavor column, enter 1 in row 1, 2 in row 2,
and 3 in row 3. Under the frequency column, enter 125 in row 1, 80 in row 2, and 35
in row 3.
d. In the Toolbar, click Data, then select Weight Cases.
e. Select Weight Cases By, select Frequency, and then click Arrow to send it over to
the Frequency Variable box. Click OK.
f. In the Toolbar, click Analyze, then Nonparametric Tests, then Legacy Dialogs,
and then Chi-Square.
g. Select Flavor and then click Arrow to send to the Test Variable List.
h. Under Expected Values, select Values and then enter the following three values in
the order: 100, 75, and 25.
Click OK and copy and paste the output to the Word document.
Answer this: Was Tandy’s distribution of proportions the same as expected?
(Assignment continues on next page.)
PSYC4700 – Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Problem Set 9.2: One-Variable Chi-Square in SPSS (2)
Criterion: Calculate a chi-square analysis in SPSS and interpret the results.
Data: There are 218 first graders in an elementary school. Of these first graders, 86 are
boys and 132 are girls. School wide, there are 753 boys and 1063 girls.
Instructions: The principal would like to know if the gender ratio in first grade reflects
the gender ratio school wide. Complete the following:
a. Identify the hypothesis.
b. What are the degrees of freedom (df)?
c. Complete the table in SPSS and paste the output below to replace it:
No. Observed
No. Expected
No. Observed
No. Expected
d. Calculate χ² in SPSS and paste the output below.
e. Can you reject the null hypothesis at α = .05? Explain why or why not.
Problem Set 9.3: Identifying Variables
Criterion: Identify variables for a study.
Data: A magazine article states that professionals who attended college online tend to
earn higher salaries than professionals who attended brick-and-mortar universities.
Instruction: Identify the study’s two variables.
Problem Set 9.4: Alternative to Chi-Square as a Test of Independence
Criterion: Identify an alternative to chi-square as a test of independence.
Data: A chi-square test of independence could be used to examine the relationship
between overhead light preference (on or off) and glasses use (wearing or not wearing).
Instruction: Answer this: What other type of test could be used to measure the data?

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