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You will be answering peer responses. I have attached my response and my peer response you must answer.

It should be about a paragraph long per response.

In one or two paragraphs, supported by evidence in your text and from other research, investigate the
economics of recycling in your community. What steps can local businesses take to help improve the
economic incentives for recycling? In some regions, businesses have formed alliances to guarantee a
market for recycled materials. Is this occurring in your community? Respond to at least two of your
classmates’ postings.
My Response:
Global warming has been an environmental problem that is currently a concern to both the
nonprofit organizations majoring on protection and conservation of the environment as well as other
profit-oriented businesses. Apple, for instance, is one of the businesses that have stepped out to focus
on ways in which it can reduce global warming as well as other environmental problems. Apple
Company has marked its carbon footprint and as a strategy and an attempt at reducing global warming
the company is working to eliminate it. By measuring the carbon footprint, the Apple Company includes
hundreds of suppliers and millions of consumers and hundred millions of the devices produced. To
reduce the carbon footprint as a way of dealing with global warming, the Apple Company designs each
generation of its products to be as energy efficient as possible. Apple is currently partnering with their
suppliers to enable them to have clean energy for their facilities; it is sourcing low-carbon materials for
its devices and also ensures that it produces and procures renewable energy that is clean for the
electricity that is used within its global facilities (“Environment – Climate Change”, 2018).
Being one of the biggest businesses in the community, Apple’s effort of reducing its carbon
footprint by providing the thousands of customers with devices that naturally conserve energy is an
impressive move. For example, the iPhones produced by the company are a good example of energysaving devices that the company is producing to reduce the carbon footprint. Since global warming is a
global issue, all business should strive to reduce it and make the world a better place.
Peer Response 1:
Student Name: Austin Wilson
I live in Florida and we have the beach on the Gulf of Mexico and we also have countless acres of wildlife
preserve maintained by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FWC). Of the environmental issues
stated above they influence all of them. Ozone: They maintain thousands of acres of trees which help
combat carbon dioxide and global warming simultaneously which is the greatest contributor to climate
change (Hammond & Christensen, 2016). Also, they implemented numerous fresh water and salt water
projects. The FWC regulate fishing in our regions lakes and ponds ensuring a healthy balance is
maintained so as to not disturb the ecosystem. They’ve also built artificial reefs to stimulate physical,
biological and socio-economic growth (FWC, 2018). These reefs can attract marine wildlife vital to a
healthy environment which also boost the economy by providing valuable diving, snorkeling, sight
seeing and fishing venues. These seeming small projects have had huge impacts on multiple levels of the
region and the state and beyond as a whole and should be heavily invested in for our future.
Peer Response 2:
Student Name: Dustin Phipps
I live in Texas and one thing that our city has done that helps the environment is our refuse center. We
are able to take our big items there to dispose of. We are also able to take our recycling items and place
them in a designated recycling can that is provided by the city to help recycle reusable items. “This
program allows citizens to have their recyclables collected twice per month” (Solid Waste Recycling ,
2018). This helps minimize the amount of waste that could end up having a negative effect on the
environment. The city also collects used cooking oil from its citizens to help prevent any of it making its
way into our ecosystem.
In one or two paragraphs, supported by evidence in your text and from other research, investigate the
economics of recycling in your community. What steps can local businesses take to help improve the
economic incentives for recycling? In some regions, businesses have formed alliances to guarantee a
market for recycled materials. Is this occurring in your community? Respond to at least two of your
classmates’ postings.
My Response:
In the current recycling infrastructure, recycling is only done when there is an economic incentive
tied to it. For recycling to be done the process of collection and processing have to be less costly than
the value of the recycled end-product. Therefore, for recycling to be done, it has to make economic
sense. Commodities that are mainly recycled include aluminum, plastic, paper, and steel among others.
They are easily recycled because they can be collected in bulk, processed at a relatively low price and
then taken back to the market for profit. The recycled commodities have a ready market, and they are
cheaper than their virgin products (Garcia, Eyckmans, & Rousseau, 2017).
Other commodities such as disposable cups, toothbrushes and used snack bags among others are
not recycled because either the cost of collecting them or recycling them is not higher than their value
after recycling. Since recycling them does not have an economic sense they are hardly recycled and they
form a large fraction of the garbage in the landfills or incinerators. To improve the economic incentive of
recycling local businesses can make the collection of the commodities easy by providing distinguished
containers for the waste products. Having different containers for different wastes will help to reduce
the cost of collection hence increased economic incentive. In my regions, businesses have not formed
alliances to guarantee the market for the recycled products. However, they all support the recycling of
the products by proving a market for the products out of good will.
Peer Response 1:
Student Name: Jarrod Gates
Most businesses seem to miss out on opportunities to invest in a true recycling program because they
are focused on profits. Businesses see recycling and efficient waste management as a burden instead of
a sustainable solution towards prosperity for all parties. What these businesses do not realize is that
investing in recycling can eventually lead to more profits. As stated in our text, recycling and creatively
reusing products provides resources for many generations (Hammond & Jones Christensen, 2016). I
believe that local businesses could apply positive pressure to other businesses within their community
(and sales market) if they would adopt an aggressive recycle program. The key is that these businesses
should be rewarded through the state or through a tax deduction for their environment friendly focus.
Other business will follow suit, if not for the rewards then definitely for the positive publicity it would
provide for their company.
One way that local businesses can band together is by teaming up to pay for centralized recycle bins and
consolidated bin pickup times. This will decrease the cost of waste management for all businesses
involved and at the same time keep everyone focused on reducing waste (Incentive Programs for Local
Government Recycling and Waste Reduction, 2018). In my local community there are several locations
like this where businesses have consolidated efforts. There are four different drop-off sites within the
city and eight different recycling organizations. These organizations include recycling for cans, steel,
brass, copper, electronics, paper, batteries and ink cartridges.
Peer Response 2:
Student Name: Seth Garvin
Recycling is very pronounced in and around my community. In Boise we have multiple recycle centers
around the city that accept only recyclable waste. When you bring your recycle goods you place it in the
correct bin so it can be properly recycled. When you have a large quantity of cardboard they will weigh
how much you have and pay you to recycle it. In the town I live in we have a metal scrapyard that
collects and recycles various types of metals. They have also partnered with the local high school and
placed bins around the town for people to dispose of their metal into, then the school takes the bin to
the scrapyard and gets paid for the amount collected as a donation to the school programs. Lastly the
dump for the city regulates what waste is put in certain piles so they can recycle or break down
materials like tree, lawn, and bush waste. Our reading states “the cradle-to-cradle process suggests that
every product should be recyclable and convertible into a new product.” (Hammond & Christensen
2016) Hopefully one day most of our products will follow this process, but until then we have to focus
our efforts on contributing to the recycling process any way we can.

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