BCJ3601 Columbia Southern Universal Definition for Term Terrorism Discussion


BCJ 2301

Discussion Board Question Unit I

Give your opinion as to why each federal, state, and local government agency has a different definition for the term


. Why is there not a universal definition for all of the agencies in the United States? Do you believe that by not having a universal definition for the term terrorism, that it limits the capabilities of countering terrorism? If so, how?

Please choose a different definition than your peers. Lastly, list a formal universal definition of terrorism in your own words. How would this newly created definition assist in the fight against terrorism both in the United States and abroad?

My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it this is what was written:

In my opinion there are different interpretations and definitions for the term terrorism at all government levels due to the changing of political powers in our nation. When a new political party takes office typically our nation will be represented globally in what that political party’s view on terrorism is. Just as in other political issues in our nation views will vary from state to state as well as in local governments as to what group(s) are labeled as terrorists.

There is not a universal definition on the term terrorism because of the belief that it could benefit the counterterrorism strategies that we already have.

I feel that we should create a more universal definition for what terrorism is. Terrorism is no longer an act of violence or threat of violence that is religiously, politically or ideologically belief motivated. By not updating and defining what the act of terrorism is leaves us vulnerable to being able to defend against it.

In my own words-

Terrorism- The act of or the plan to carry out an unlawful act of violence against a person or group for religious, political, social, gender or racially motivated purposes.

This could assist in the fight against terrorism both in the United States and abroad because it covers more and specific types of terrorism, rather than just the religious or politically motivated type.



  • What is the proposed statutory code suggested by the American Law Institute (ALI) for the use of the states called?

Model criminal code

Model penal code

Model statutory law

Model case law


  • Which of the following terms refers to actions that are universally condemned as criminal?

Mala in se

Mala prohibita

Mala universitas

Mala criminal


  • What is the basis for the U.S. Code?

the Magna Carta

case law

The U.S. Constitution

police procedures


  • What does the term

    case law

    refer to?

The decision in a certain case

The body of law accumulated in the cases

The ability to decide a case based on the law

The power of early decisions to control later ones


  • Which of the following terms refers to actions that are criminal only because there is a law against them?

Mala in se

Mala prohibita

Mala universitas

Mala criminal


Explain the purpose of law and discuss what you believe society would be like without laws.

My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it his is what was written:

My name is Dakota Cribb. I currently work as a detention officer for Folkston ICE Processing Center and I am working on pursuing a career with Immigration and Custom Enforcement. I am working on an associates degree in criminal justice, but will be pursing a B.S. in Homeland Security once I have completed these last two classes. This course will assist me by teaching me the importance and steps of criminal law. When I get to where I am going, the information I will learn from this course will be valued information.

The purpose of law is the method by which we can create social structure. People in the past and today have argued that the reason why we have such chaos in the world is because of the laws that have been created and trying to understand those said laws. Although I could understand where they are coming from, I still believe that there should be some sort of structured law for society to follow and be held accountable for. It’s obvious that humans cannot follow simple societal norms. Without laws, how exactly could one say another did something wrong? We all do not agree on simple matters. Between true criminals and those who are true contributors to society, an agreement on the matter of what exactly is right or wrong would be nearly impossible to reach.

Discussion Board Question UNIT II BCJ 3601

Click the link to read the handout ”

Should Medical Misdiagnosis be a Crime?”

, and answer the questions below.

Do you believe that a medical misdiagnosis should be considered a crime? Why, or why not?


Which concept holds that acts remotely leading toward a crime are not liable, but acts immediately connected to it are?

The mere preparation test

The proximity approach

The coinciding test

The concurrency approach


  • Which of the following actions is most likely to be ruled a “substantial step” in the commission of an attempt?

Buying a book on cleaning up crime scenes

Purchasing a personal firearm

Taking out a life insurance policy

Lying in wait for the victim


  • Which portion of an attempted crime is not enough to sustain a conviction?

Mere confession

Mere preparation

Mere solicitation

Mere corroboration


  • Which of the following is an inchoate crime?






  • When were most inchoate crimes recognized in American law?

The fourteenth century

The sixteenth century

The eighteenth century

The twentieth century

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