Blinn College Racism in The Lion King Film Research Paper


This research prompt is in the link I added which will explain what the essay should include.

This essay also includes an Annotated Bibliography. However I have already made one that I was going to use when I wrote the essay. And the sources I gave (In my opinion) give good credible feedback with racism in The Lion King. However if you do have any questions or concerns with maybe replacing one fo the sources with another source found through the MLA Bibliography database (via the Blinn Library website). Please let me know!

Also, for the works cited page you can just include the five sources given in the annotated bib and the citation for the actual movie of The Lion King.

RESEARCH PAPER (1500-2000 words)
You will construct a research question regarding
o the interplay of two or more literary elements in any narrative work or poetry
o the use of the same literary element in two different works
o OR, if you choose to look at poetry, you may look at several works from one poet
Your essay will review the relevant research as well as put forward your own answer to your
You will have a Works Cited page containing a citation for the primary work you are discussing
and for at least FIVE secondary sources found through the MLA Bibliography database via the
Blinn Library website. The primary source(s) should also be included in the Works Cited.
• Keep in mind that for some works, there are so many articles available that you will need
to narrow your approach from the beginning. For other works, you may have only 5-10
secondary sources to choose from.
• Critical articles included in the textbook or the As You Like It critical edition may count
toward these five sources.
• If you wish to use a dictionary or editorial commentary from the textbook, you may (and
must cite it!), but it will not count as one of the five sources.
• You may also use books. A single-author book counts as one source. Each work from a
critical anthology counts as one source and must be cited separately.
• You may NOT use: book reviews, sources found via a standard internet search engine,
or “notes” sources such as SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, DLB or other condensations
Your thesis should go beyond commentary to analysis—instead of just saying what happens in
the text, explain HOW and/or WHY.
• Beware of dwelling on plot summary. You may use a brief summary as an introductory
strategy, but you should provide only the briefest overview before moving on to your
specific argument. Throughout your paper, you will refer to specific elements when they
are pertinent to your discussion.
Instead of using your sources to provide plot summary, use them for:
• Opinions or debatable claims that they express regarding the interpretation of the work.
• Information or facts about the author’s life, the historical period, the text itself, etc.
• Concepts such as literary terms or theoretical frameworks that can be applied to the
author or text.
For examples of similar assignments, see “Sample Research Paper” in the back of your textbook.
All formal writing assignments must include:
• Correct MLA formatting as described in section MLA-5a of Writer’s Reference and
shown on the Sample MLA Paper (MLA-5c).
• Appropriate formal tone and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
• 12 point Times New Roman font
Ashlee Donahoo
Donahoo 1
Professor Kovar
English 1302
25 March 2019
Annotated Bibliography
Borthaiser, Nóra. “‘A Whole New World(?)’: Rereading Disney Animations of the Early
1990s.” Americana: E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary, vol. 4, no. 1,
2008. EBSCOhost,
The author of this article proclaims that ‘The Lion King’ uses shades throughout the
movie to represent the good and the bad. In other words, darkness is reflecting in anger,
antagonists, evilness, while the light being represented as more of the secure and safe
feeling. The author goes on the show that the movie Aladdin differentiates because the
author attempts to show so many vibrant colors throughout the movie even through the
good and the bad scenes. Given this, because Aladdin gave a less sophisticated
illustration throughout the movie, the audience didn’t have as much negative criticism or
stereotypes with the chosen role play.
Elahi, Babak. “Pride Lands: The Lion King, Proposition 187, and White Resentment.” Arizona
Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory, vol. 57, no. 3, 2001,
pp. 121–52. EBSCOhost,
Donahoo 2
The Author of this article claims that there is a pattern of white resentment among the
movie ‘The Lion King’. The article gives good representation of examples among the
movie of how it uses scar as an Antagonist while Simba and Mufasa are the protagonist
always wanting to do what is right for their land where as scar just wants to take over.
Essentially scar is resenting Mufasa (The king of the land) and his son Simba because of
their race disregarding their accomplishments and well deserving reasons for holding the
throne of the land.
Gooding-Williams, Robert. “Disney in Africa and the Inner City: On Race and Space in The
Lion King.” Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, vol. 1,
no. 2, Aug. 1995, pp. 373–379. EBSCOhost,
This article idealizes the fact that in the movie ‘The Lion King’, the author tries to ignore
and isolate the fact that the hyenas (being at the bottom of the food chain) have no place
in the circle of life. This gives the audience a sense of connection to reality in terms of
the higher class and the lower class. The author then goes on to expand that this supports
the theory that “white men marry white women and black men marry black women.”
Given that, The The lion king gives out a racial stereotype in a sense given that the tribe
leader (Mufasa) doesn’t have any sympathy or care for those of the “lower class”, which
in this case would be the Hyenas.
Donahoo 3
Morton, John. “Simba’s Revolution: Revisiting History and Class in The Lion King.” Social
Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, vol. 2, no. 2, June 1996, pp.
311–317. EBSCOhost,
This article widely revisits the way in which the writer of the movie ‘The Lion King’ uses
his characters in the movie to show a sense of racism and social identities. In essence, the
land is predominantly ruled by lions while the hyenas led by Scar is thought out to be the
criminal class or in a sense the more “ghetto” group. This causes corruption and
throughout the article the author expands on the social relations represented throughout
the movie itself.
Ward, Annalee R. “The Lion King’s Mythic Narrative: Disney as Moral Educator.” Journal of
Popular Film and Television, vol. 23, no. 4, 1996, pp. 171–78. EBSCOhost,
The author of this article essentially wraps his mind around the fact that The Lion King is
made up of several myths. One of the things widely talked about is how the narrative
portrays certain values and gives moral significances. Another thing the author expanded
on in the article is how The Lion King has gotten a good amount of criticism form. The
Donahoo 2
idea that they are using the hyenas and Scar to represent the “urban blacks” in the movie
and relates that to reality in a sense of the claim that blacks are not as praised as whites

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