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Initial Team Report
Part 1
The growing need for medical care in Detroit led automotive pioneer, Henry Ford, to the
finding of Henry Ford Hospital, in 1915. Over the years, the hospital began to see more patients
outside of the Detroit area, and made the expansion to become Henry Ford Health System,
servicing Metro Detroit. With six hospitals, several medical facilities, and thousands of employees,
Henry Ford Health Care System is the fifth largest company in Metro Detroit. Not only does Henry
Ford Health System offer medical care, but they also offer insurance coverage for those in need.
Providing the best health coverage for each patient is their primary goal. The company’s mission
is: To improve people’s lives through excellence in the science and art of health care and healing.
Diversity and Inclusion is the base of Henry Ford Health System. Workforce, workplace, health
and health care, marketplace, structural, behavioral, and the dimensions that extend beyond race,
ethnicity, and gender, are the diversity vision of the company. Specifically, transforming lives and
communities through health and wellness- one person at a time.
Quicken Loans, an online mortgage lender, was established in 1985 by Dan Gilbert, Ron
Berman, Lindsay Gross, and Gary Gilbert. The company had a few different names and owners
over the years, but founder Dan Gilbert purchased the company back in 2002. Quicken Loans
moved its headquarters to downtown Detroit in 2010, as the company continued to grow. It is now
the second largest mortgage lender in the United States, and the largest mortgage lender in the
world. With over 10,000 employees, the primary focus of the organization is helping clients meet
their financial needs for their desired mortgage. Their slogan is “Engineered to Amaze”. Helping
the community is also a goal for the company. The company culture is based around Greatness.
Our team collected information about the companies through multiple resources. The
organizations website was the basis for getting the history, of the companies. Members of the team
interviewed employees to get a better understand of their culture, and how the activities of the
organization impact the employees. Information was also collected through personal experiences
with the companies.
Part 2
Our team decided to focus on and explore the organizational behavioral phenomenon of
work-life balance. We recognize how valuable a positive work-life balance is to people in all
different fields of work. The successful implementation of a positive work-life balance is
incredibly important to organizational life in general because it allows people to function better
overall in their day-to-day life as well as allow for organizations to become more successful as a
whole. A positive work-life balance provides numerous benefits not only to individual employees
but organizations as a whole because healthier/happier workers create a healthier/happier
organization. Lower stress, increased creativity, improved efficiency, less chance of burnout,
better mental health, and increased productivity are just a few of the major benefits from a positive
work-life balance. On a larger scale, these benefits come together and create a more successful
work environment, which allows companies to grow in success.
An organization that has promoted a positive work-life balance for many years now and
continues to do so is Henry Ford Health System. Henry Ford values all of its employees greatly
and recognizes the importance of healthy as well as happy employees. One of the main ways that
this organization implements this is through a concept called flextime. Flextime allows workers to
complete their hours in a way that is most convenient for them. For example, if someone had an
event or appointment scheduled for the middle of the day they could choose to split their work
hours up by working half the time in the morning and the other half in the evening. Henry Ford is
also incredibly accommodating to family emergencies and does not always require employees to
utilize sick days during these types of occurrences. They also provide combined time off (CTO)
to all of their employees, which is essentially vacation/sick time that employees continuously build
up with every hour they work. Overall, Henry Ford recognizes that to be a successful health care
system they must make their employees’ physical/mental health a priority to ensure that they can
perform their best.
Part 3
Henry Ford Hospital offers a service for a growing medical service in which patients will
always need. As previously mentioned, the hospital expanded to Henry Ford Health Care system
founded in 1915 and began to branch out to patients beyond the Detroit area making it one of the
fifth largest company in Metro Company. With over thousands of employees, their reputation has
been known to treat their employees well, and also is recognized due to the diversity and inclusion
they base themselves off of. Workforce, workplace, health, health care, marketplace, structural,
behavioral, and the dimensions that extend beyond race, ethnicity, and gender, are the
characteristics that makes the company an exemplar.
Henry Ford Health System is an exemplar of the phenomenon of interests due to its positive
work-life balance. These defining qualities are portrayed every day and well known to be
accommodating to its employees. As previously mentioned, having a positive work-life balance
provides numerous benefits not only to the employees but also to the organizations as a whole.
Healthier, and happier workers create a more successful organization, which overtime allows for
the company to grow exponentially. Knowing a few employees of Henry Ford, one of the details
we were told was that flextime is given. Flextime allows workers to complete their hours in a way
that is most convenient for them without inconveniencing other employees. For example, if
someone had an event or appointment scheduled for the middle of the day they could choose to
split their work hours up by working half the time in the morning and the other half in the evening.
This is convenient because it allows employees to have a work-life adjustment any time they need
it. This brings a joyful upbringing to the staff which causes there to be less stress, a greater work
ethic and also a stronger communication throughout the company as a whole. With this being
implemented, it shows the company respects the employees and is a fair environment. To our
understanding the staff works more complimentary with each other due to this convenience.
Overall, we believe that in order to maintain this great line of a work-life balance for the
company, the employees need to stay being treated in a respectable, and fair manner. Correct
treatment overall makes them an exemplar in the business world.
Part 4
Rock Ventures, Quicken Loans holding company, is Detroit’s largest employer with over
100 companies employing over 17,000 people. Quicken Loans is the largest of these companies,
employing more than 13,000 people. Quicken Loans has developed a reputation for being a great
place to get started in the workforce, but also a place that overworks a portion of its workforcemortgage bankers. The mortgage banking sector of Quicken Loans is known for having very high
turnover despite the generous perks of being a member of the Quicken Loans team. These perks
include 24 PTO days earned per year, maternity leave with pay, medical and dental benefits, pet
insurance, free snacks, etc. To find out more information about the high turnover we interviewed
2 current mortgage bankers, 2 former bankers that have left the company, and a vendor relations
The main issue mortgage bankers have stated is that they work long hours with no
guarantee of compensation. The average banker starting out will work 6-7 days per week with 10+
hour shifts. Employees stated that it was made clear by management, if they did not work the 60hour schedule, they would be terminated from the company. Former banker, Karlee stated “It is
expected that you put in a 10 hour minimum day in banking…and also have scheduled Saturdays
and Sundays which is obviously not fun”. In 2004, over 400 employees filed a class action lawsuit
against Quicken Loans for this very reason, stating a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act for
not paying overtime wages. This lawsuit was ruled in favor of Quicken Loans in 2011, because
the bankers are given yearly compensation. The bankers have a small salary of 25k per year, which
averages out to only $8 per hour with a 60-hour work week. Having this salary allows for Quicken
Loans managers to enforce strict policies that make overtime mandatory without having to give
the employee overtime pay. All other compensation is tied directly to meeting sales targets to
receive commission. If sales targets are not achieved, then the employee does not receive additional
compensation, and is making below minimum wage.
Quicken Loans implements a transactional leadership style, motivating employees with
money and rewards for meeting set goals and expectations. The culture is described as “work hard,
play hard”, with former banker Evan stating, “the atmosphere was like being in a fraternity”. The
goals are set very high, and many bankers have trouble meeting expectations without working
many hours of overtime. This leads to bankers coming in on days off, which can cause emotional
and physical exhaustion, or what some call occupational burnout. Many of Quicken Loans
mortgage bankers are fresh out of college, and most do not last longer than 2 years.
The work environment for Quicken Loans has violated the expectancy of the employee.
The employee is brought into a high stress, competitive sales environment with very high demands
from management and little experience. Though the training is looked upon as very thorough,
bankers cannot guarantee that each lead they are given to investigate will result in a viable
mortgage. Former banker Gina states “I felt like I was lied to, I was pretty much living at work
and I had nothing to show for it”. Former banker Karlee also states, “It just wasn’t worth the stress,
I wasn’t making any money and you don’t get the good leads until you start to really produce- I
just couldn’t take it anymore”. The high expectations lead bankers to feel they must complete any
qualifying loan, even if it isn’t in the best interest of the client. The employee can find themselves
in an ethical dilemma, writing unnecessary loans to maintain the expected productivity. This stress
combined with the 6-day work week can make maintaining a family life difficult.
Quicken Loans must address the discrepancy in expectancy and equity if it wishes to
maintain a steady workforce. Employees must feel that their hard work will result in fair
compensation, and that their work is rewarded equally to those around them. The bankers
interviewed expressed feelings of frustration over the perception they were putting in the same
efforts as those around them, but the compensation was not the same. Some did not feel they were
given the same opportunities to succeed as others, due to having different tiers of customer base
allocated to them. The bankers also expressed feelings of disappointment over the compensation
that was “sold” to them throughout their training process, and that which they were actually
Quicken Loans should also address the achievability of their goals for new employees in a
40-hour work week. They have begun to implement a “reduced hours” work program, but this
program is intended for seasoned employees, primarily new parents. Current banker Bridget states,
“I think if they increased their efforts to at least find ways to support more bankers being allowed
to work from home, I think they would hear a lot less complaint about the work life balance”.
Mortgage banking is something that can easily be done remotely, but Quicken Loans tends to
reserve work from home for veteran employees. If they expanded this offering, even on a part time
basis, more employees may find better balance in their lives. Quicken Loans may consider
implementing staggered work shifts to be available to their customers, as well as cater to their
employees home lives.
Though not all corporations can promise a 40-hour work week, I do believe this is
achievable for Quicken Loans. The mortgage banker role is not high skilled labor, which is why
Quicken Loans has been profitable with such extensive turnover each year. The workers make
minimal pay initially, and those who outlast the others eventually begin to succeed. If Quicken
Loans could retain a more competent workforce, the bankers could close more loans and make
more money- which in turn would make Quicken Loans more money. If more workers felt happier
with their work life balance and compensation, Quicken Loans could also save substantial funds
on recruiting and training new employees for replacements.
Part 5
Quicken Loans and Henry Ford Health System handle the work-life balance issue
differently. The reason that Henry Ford succeeds is because their managers take care of their
employees using energy management. In order to perform at a high level, people need eight hours
of sleep, a healthy nutrition plan, and consistent exercise. Henry Ford uses flextime to manage
energy of their employees and make sure they can live a healthy life. When using flextime,
employees can chunk out parts of their day where they can meal prep or workout. They can also
get to bed at a decent hour since they are working normal, eight-hour days. Employees thrive
when living a healthy lifestyle, so it is imperative to work social life into one’s work-life
balance. Henry Ford employees experience great work-life balance and can give 100% of their
energy at work because they get energy from sleep, food and social happiness. Having energy in
the workplace is why Henry Ford employees build relationships and have longevity within the
Quicken Loans fails to manage employee energy, which causes employee burnout as stated
before. When these young kids that are fresh out of college work long days, there is no time
allotted to live a healthy life outside of work. The whole idea of “work-life balance” is to have a
home and a social life outside of work. Quicken Loans can become so profit-driven that it does
not treat its employees like human beings. All they are worried about is the company for ten or
twelve hours of the work day, which is why they experience high turnover. Because of the high
turnover, it becomes difficult to develop relationships and trust with employees that are in and out
often. Energy is pivotal in moving an organization forward on the path of success. Energy creates
momentum, and momentum gets every employee on board to come together and work for one
common goal. In order for Quicken Loans to succeed, they need to follow a 40-hour work week,
use flextime, and promote employee relationships and energy management.
Now comes part 6:
The original guideline for part 6 was:
Here’s the teachers feedback: (read & follow the direction very carefully, include what the
teacher is seeking for)
Your recommendation should be more specific too:
Your team needs to improve this section to make it more consistent with the rest of the paper. Here you
only need recommendations that are relevant to the work-life balance. Digital medical systems for
storing data and hiring marketing experts are good suggestions but have nothing to do with work-life
balance or any OB-related issue. Make more specific suggestions and recommendations. Consider
incorporating more research-based articles (e.g., Harvard business review) in making suggestions.
Part 6 (you will be working on part 6 only)
Regarding the increase in the need for health services by patients in Metro Detroit, Henry
Ford Hospital should integrate modern medical systems and facilities to increase the speed and
quality of health care services provided to patients. For instance, the organization can integrate
Electronic medical records (EMRs) which are equivalent to paper record keeping but are digitized
to work faster and retrieve information within a short period when needed by medical
professionals. According to Bill McBean, protection for organizations assets is one of the priorities
all companies across the world should consider because they determine the output of a company.
As one of the large organizations in Metro Detroit, Henry Ford Hospital should use sophisticated
digital medical systems for storing data to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing
patients’ data among other relevant information in the organization by using encrypted computers.
Furthermore, they should provide programs for further training for their employees to improve
their efficiency and output.
Rock Ventures Quicken Loans organization on the other side, is one of Detroit’s large
companies which should change their strategies of providing services and handling employees
because they are failing as an organization. For instance, the organization should cease to overwork
its employees because it is exhausting and demoralizing. The organization should instead,
compensate overworked individuals for encouraging them to keep working hard. Quicken Loans
can award or give gifts after certain periods to individuals who are willing to work hard and extend
their working hours as a way of motivating other employees to improve their work while expecting
a reward rather than forcing them to perform more duties without compensation. Furthermore, the
organization should hire individuals who are proficient in marketing the company. Grant Cardone,
the author of 10X Rule, asserts that, for an organization to become more successful, it must learn
to connect with consumers in the market. Similarly, McBean says that market areas are war zones,
which means companies should ensure their employees are happy because they play a significant
role in increasing the odds of success in the organization. Quicken Loans, therefore, should learn
to provide a conducive working environment for workers to provide quality services and in turn,
increase the chances of success.
As a failing organization in the behavioral phenomenon, Quicken Loans can create a good
work-life balance to prevent various issues which discourages the success of a company. As stated
earlier, a positive work-life balance plays a significant role in the success of an organization.
Consequently, when the company is meeting worker’s needs, they become happy and willing to
work more to increase the quality of products and services of the organization. Quicken Loans and
Henry Ford hospital, therefore, can keep their success going by ensuring that there is a positive
work-life balance in their working environment and turn to experience outstanding output.
Besides creating work-life balance, Quicken Loans as a company can increase its success
in the future by contacting meetings with employees and discussing with them about the plans
which all members in the company should follow to achieve the desired goals. According to
McBean, business organizations should plan and let all employees in the organization know about
the plans of the future rather than predicting it. By discussing the goals and encouraging employees
to put in enough momentum at work, there are higher chances for Quicken Loans organization to
succeed more in the future while meeting the needs of its employees if they ensure there is a worklife balance.

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