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please help me check the grammar for the file in attachment

1. grammar

2. sentence structure

3. comma, period problem

teacher said around 50 mistake, please help me try to find as many as possible

please use red font color to make changes of what you changed!

thank you!

please use red font color to make changes of what you changed!

please use red font color to make changes of what you changed!

please use red font color to make changes of what you changed!

The Study of Identity Switching
At the beginning of the DIJE class, it is impressive that we stood in a circle to share our
identities with our partners based on our previous experience. It was my second time to think carefully
about my identity and this activity reminded me that it is possible that one person with different
identities depending on different situations. For me, as a student, I am also labeled as an international
student or more specific as Asian student and the Chinese student. Furthermore, I join the student
organization such as music orchestra. My identity is music player that I was not only playing the
instrument but also share the Chinese traditions to other people. I got a new identity this semester as a
practice teacher in my internship school. I became to think about how to switch my identity as a
student to teacher? How to keep my student mind as a teacher? How to build a suitable relationship
between student and teacher?
Before I studied undergraduate in the United States, I experienced the norm that as a student,
we need to listen to the teachers. Teachers are all correct. I got used to sitting in front of the teachers
and listened to their lecture. My hand was hurried to take notes however my mind may not follow up.
Freire mentioned about the banking concept of education in his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed:
students playing the role of depository institutions that teachers are focusing on depositing the
knowledge into our minds. “Students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor…Students
patiently receive, memories and repeat”(72). The teachers in banking system education usually
focusing on the input of the process of education. I realized the shortage of this type of education after
I experienced a number of group discussion and opinion sharing in big groups in my freshman year. It
was a hard time period for me to build a new learning habit that there were not just taking notes, we
got many opportunities to think and talk in the class. Especially in my English literature lesson in my
junior year, I was the only Asian in the class. The participation was accounted 20% in the final score.
I was not comfortable at the first class because they spoke so fast that I could not follow the
discussion. I talked to the professor, Erin at the end of the class. I remembered Erin said the
participation was a way encourage students to share opinions. It is common that teacher recommended
students to read the book which is famous and we just focus on one side: the praise side. She tried to
hear some different voice. Furthermore, the importance of free sharing is that there are no correct and
wrong answers for students to share their opinions. I would not feel pity or shame when I shared a
different opinion and no one will blame me.
I did not drop that course and I accepted this challenge. Like Bell Hook said in chapter 3 of
Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom: “some degrees of pain involved in
giving up old ways of thinking and knowing and learning new approaches”(43). It was uncomfortable
and nervous at the beginning several of class. I finally have great power to share my opinion of the
books and sharing some experience of how the teacher in my high school teach literature. I learned to
think both sides of one thing through this class: not all famous literature are perfect. Different readers
will have both positive and negative opinions. The book could get praise and reward however it would
still receive the criticism. As a student, I need to learn to stand on the middle side to look at both
directions rather than just copying the sentence. It is important for us to be actively thinking and
collect data for the research of the questions. As a teacher, “translating that term to critical awareness
and engagement…every another student to be an active participant, not a passive
consumer”(Hooks,14). We should not just deposit the information from curriculum to students’ brain.
We need to check the output of students that how much knowledge they gain and how they feel.
I taught level two Chinese as a substitute teacher last week and it was my first time to teach
the whole class based on my designed lesson plan. I tried to remember the tips of motivation, critical
thinking and creating a comfortable environment I learned from the teaching courses as a student and
switch my identity to a teacher. In order to get familiar with the language skills of my students. I
asked them about their birthdays and I also let them guess my birthday date before I started my lesson.
In this lesson, I taught them 12 new vocabulary words. I showed them the image of the word and let
them guess what vocabulary it would be and them guide them to write down. I emphasized the
pronunciation and orders of writing the Chinese characters. Due to the preview of the lesson, many
students could speak out the words. I asked them to help me to write the words rather than repeating
the information in the textbook directly. I replenished the points they missed after they showed me.
After I went through the new words, I designed activities for them by using the idea of extrinsic
motivation. I prepared stickers and notebooks for them if they participated the activities. I did not set
up the win-lose model for the activities and they could gain the award once they raise the hands and
participate. Furthermore, I did not want the activity to bring pressure on shy students. Therefore, If the
student did not know the answer to the question, they get right to ask for a help from the classmates.
It was conviction I gained from the activities was that super cute stickers always work for
them. Most of the students looked at the awards before the activities and they showed their great
power to raise the hands and stood up for participate although they were shy at the vocabulary
teaching part. The award motivation was really impressive when I was a child in English after school
program. I remembered I always raise my hands to answer because I wanted to collect the points to
get the teddy bear in the cabinet. When I was a child, I told myself that if I would be a teacher in the
future, the award is necessary. Whatever I was a student or teacher, receiving the award or gift could
bring comfort and happiness.
Another norm I heard during my undergraduate year in teaching was that it was impossible
for the student to make friend with the teacher. I was confused about it because of my exceptions.
Furthermore, I read Hooks book and she encouraged the communication with students which is
another way to get closer to students besides the Freire’s Problem-posting strategy. I always
concerned that the time in the university was short because we would not be able to work with the
same teacher for whole four years. It was too short for both students and teachers to know each other
in just one term. For the English literature lesson, I mentioned above, I went to Erin’s office hour for
three times. I was not only sharing my ideas of my research project with her but also my background
and experience. Therefore, she could understand my uncomforting at the beginning of the class and
she could provide me support on writing. We actually build a relationship of sharing and mentor.
Mentorship, which my English writing Tutor, Ashley, mentioned when I asked her about the
relationship between student and teacher. In her mind, the relationship between teacher and student
always be mentorship rather than friendship. There are several factors influence the relationship such
as score evaluation, time period, opinion and ideality. The favorability of students always measured
by the score the teacher post. Teachers also care about the evaluation from students at the end of the
lesson. In short time period of teaching and learning, it is not enough time for each other to get closer.
If there is no opportunity to take the same teacher’s lesson. There may not have opportunities to
communicate except the scheduled meeting. The reason I had a great relationship between Ashley was
that we could find the topic we all agree with and both of us had a similar challenge during our
learning periods. She understood my feeling as a student and she had great patience to listen rather
than directly denied my idea in my paper and deposit the ideal model. As a teacher, we should not
forget our feeling as a student. We need to stand on their side to think about their stress and challenge.
Our task is to guide them to experience the pain period and grow up.
The extra value I gain from my experience was that I experienced both roles of teacher and students.
When I switched back to the identity as a student, I could understand the anger, helplessness, worry of
teachers. They have to follow the curriculum to teach and make sure every student will gain
something from class and graduate. Furthermore, they need to continue to follow the society to
improve the teaching methods. They are also struggling to stay in safe space that just deposits the
knowledge or challenges themselves to guide students transform to the critical thinker.
As a teacher in the future, students’ creativity, critical thinking, and empathy will be the
hidden curriculum in my mind. I want to challenge myself in the brave space to encourage students to
think rather than just taking notes in a safe space. Therefore, in my class, I plan to create an
opportunity for students to design the lesson as individual or group work. The topic of the lesson will
select from the curriculum to make sure that we would not get lost the process of the course.
Designing the lesson would provide freedom for students to add their thoughts and hopes to the class.
It would also be a great way to listen to my students that what popular activities and what they like in
their ages. Furthermore, it would be a way for them to experience as a teacher to design the class
based on several standards and goals. Besides the lesson design, peer review is also important that
students will not only receive the feedback from me but also from others. They will stand as a teacher
to evaluate and bring the suggestion to partners in order to be trained to think in both sides of teacher
and student role.

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