LEAD1010 Week 6 Journal King Lear Play questions


Please use attachment as a reference for how to write this journal entry! Thank you!

Please use these 2 posts (attached) as reference to answering the question! Also, please use your opinion when writing this journal and no outside sources!

From reading what your selected classmate posted for Weeks 4 and 5 discussions (attached below), whats one new leadership lesson have you learned that can make you a more effective communicator in your interactions with others? Be sure to include the classmate that inspired your response: I chose Marie.

Five Paragraph Format
Good writing—as noted in the grading rubric—combines the quality of well-written ideas with technical fluency. Good writing should also be clear
and concise. The writing assignments in this course were created so that outside sources would not be necessary; it is your ideas and insights I
am interested in reading!
The five paragraph format will keep your writing focused and easy to follow. Here’s how it works:
Paragraph #1: Introduction
What is the one main idea you are trying to present? It is always appropriate to begin your writing with one or two lines that outline “where you are
going”. If you want to begin the introduction with your main idea right away, that is also acceptable. What is most important about the introductory
paragraph is that you stay focused and present one idea to your reader.
Paragraph #2 Body
Paragraph #3 Body
Paragraph #4 Body
Paragraphs #2 – #4 each make one additional point that acts as support for the main idea presented in Paragraph #1. Offer relevant details and/or
evidence for that one additional point only. When you have finished providing relevant details for that one point, move onto the next supporting
paragraph, and provide details for that point only.
Paragraph #5 Conclusion
The conclusion of your writing provides a review of the main points made and an appropriate “wrap up” to the writing. New information or new
ideas are not included in a conclusion.
For some of the assignments in this course, you might not feel the need to include five paragraphs. You will always have Paragraph #1 and
Paragraph #5, but if you believe you have successfully made your point by providing fewer than three paragraphs of supporting information, make
a leadership decision and submit the assignment.
Grading Rubric for Formal Writing Assignments
Post 1:
In the Ted Talk video, Amy Cuddy is the presenter of “Your Body Language
Shapes Who You Are.” The main point in this topic is communication. In the
beginning, she challenges the audience to make a change. This was powerful
because she involved the audience, which resulted in listening. We like in a
society where we are constantly judged based on split second interactions. From a
young age, we are told, “You only get one chance to make a first
impression.” Amy continues to engage the audience by bringing up a very diverse
topic, gender. Amy Cuddy is a successful female professional who was capturing
a mixed gender audience. I enjoyed watching her use the principle
of authority. She incorporated her credentials as an expert and gained
credibility. It was nice to see her transition into a human character, and portrayed
the peer role. Through the persuasion influence of social proof, she was able to
connect on a flat level. People follow the lead of those that are similar. According
to the the material learned in class, persuasion has a high impact from peers. Peers
are people of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person. Amy was
able to connect with others through her verbal and nonverbal communication
because she used herself as a success story. The principle of social proof applies
because “the cards we have been dealt” are never perfect. Even when Amy was
speaking on a topic that was so important to her, the presentation wasn’t
perfect. She was aware of her nonverbal communication and she was clearly
nervous, but this made her more approachable through commonality. She used eye
contact when she challenged the audience to “change their posture.” She was
searching for buy in to the idea that “we can change the way we communicate” as
“our bodies change our minds.”
I am a leader in the hospitality industry and I am always on moving stage. The
confidence that I portray seems very natural. It takes practice and failure to
succeed. I have to defend my weekly labor choices every Tuesday with my peers
and the finance department. I attend a daily operations meeting in a room where
everyone is in a role above me. I have to share information daily which means I
have to always be prepared. This is very stressful, but they would never know, as I
have the opportunity to practice everyday at 8:30 am.
Post 2 can be found below!
Post 2:
I am a strong believer in addressing issues as early as possible to avoid future
build up. My parents starting dating in 1970 and had 9 children in 10 years. As an
expert middle child, I am really good at two things: sharing and finding peace. It is
true when experts say, “don’t suppress” your feelings or a conflict. They both carry
strong emotions. Unresolved issues all “come back.” I address everything which I
think is a really great quality, however, everything is about the delivery. To be
honest, not everyone appreciates my direct approach. In my heart, I believe in the
collaboration style in managing and resolving conflict. Overtime, this approach
has made me successful because I am able to show the other person that I value
and respect them through active listening and my genuine self.
A time that I handled a conflict poorly was when I disagreed with a series of
decisions that were made on my day off. To be honest, every time I take a day off,
others step in and manage my department. When I come back to work, I am often
left out of the loop due to a lack of communication. The Chef and I overall have a
good relationship and we make decisions collectively. We both have supervisors
that report to us. In this one case, Chef was dictating changes that the front of the
house would now be responsible for. In my opinion, there is a fine line between
front of the house and back of the house responsibilities: they make the food, we
serve the food. I came back to work and my team was very frustrated and felt that
the supervisors didn’t have their backs and kept adding extra duties to their daily
work load. Looking back, I took the wrong approach as I addressed my concerns
with him. He got very upset, and walked away. My immediate boss was present
and told me that I was wrong because I was defensive, attacking, and not asking
the right questions. He was right. I lowered my pride and apologized for my
The lesson learned is to always be mindful of others feelings. If I had used a better
approach, I would have saved a lot of headaches for all involved. I now know to
not make assumptions, ask for clarification, and try to find the happy “win-win”
solution. My original approach was dysfunctional and led to a negative
situation. I believe his emotions got the better of him, however, I better understand
the importance of preventing conflict as the long term success of the relationship
depends on good communication. I knew that I would have to apologize in order
to rebuild. Naturally, I don’t like to have to apologize, but know it’s easier to admit
when wrong early on. Your audience is willing to forgive when pride is
lowered. So, now I manage his emotions first, and try to not get emotionally
involved with my teams frustration. Instead, I ask for the “why and the because”
and offer multiple options that will allow both teams to come to a comprise. This
approach works much better when you learn the power of making the person feel
like it was their idea to negotiate. Being a united front is always better than divide.

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