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Casual Topic: Why do people experience nightmares?
It is believed that nightmares can be caused by various psychological triggers including
depression and anxiety. Further, post-traumatic disorder is thought to bring certain conditions
like nightmares and chronic diseases. Additionally, certain disorders can be the primary cause of
nightmares for adults. In other words, there is no specific cause of nightmares. In most cases,
nightmares cause people to wake up in the middle of the night feeling terrified. It usually takes
some minutes for one to come back to normal reactions after experiencing a nightmare.
Nightmares can trigger a person’s deepest fears causing them to panic even after waking up. An
example of a nightmare is a dream where one dreams that someone is trying to kill them. These
types of nightmares trigger a lot of fear that may make a person scream in the middle of the
night. There are certain myths about the interpretation of these nightmares that try to explain
why people experience them. For instance, a dream where someone dreams that they are
drowning may be an indication that they have been overwhelmed by emotions. Therefore, it can
be concluded that most nightmares have a connection with someone’s real life situation.
According to statistics, everyone has experienced a nightmare once in their lives.
Nightmares occur when a person’s eyes are in a rolling motion causing them to sweat and breathe
heavily. I think the fascinating thing about nightmares is that they almost seem realistic because
they are linked to the victim’s real-life situations. Nightmares are far different from dreams
which cause a person to experience emotions that are not real. Nightmares, on the other hand,
involve intense emotions and feelings.
While some dreams can be short and unpleasant, most dreams are long and sweet. This
aspect differs from nightmares that cause tension to a person and are never pleasant or sweet. I
think it may be hard for a second person to determine whether someone is experiencing a
nightmare or a night terror. The reactions of someone experiencing a nightmare and another
going through a night terror are almost similar. Nightmares may cause a person to wake up all of
a sudden and have the ability to analyze their experiences. On another thought, nightmares
usually tend to last longer for most of the following day after the ordeal. I had experienced
nightmares when I was a child. From my experience, I think most of my nightmares were
triggered by the scary stories that I used to read and hear my parents narrate. Most nightmare
memories stick with a person for the better part of their life. However, dreams tend to fade fast
shortly after a person wakes up. Whenever children experience nightmares, they feel compelled
to narrate to their parents as a way of gaining assurance that they are safe and well protected.
Maybe the most common thought among many people is the real cause of nightmares that
a person experiences. As I grew up, I came to realize that even adults experience nightmares.
This is funny because children put their safety in the hands of their parents whenever they get
nightmares. So what are the most common causes of nightmares? Waking up from a nightmare
may be the worst feeling a person can experience. As opposed to many people’s thoughts,
nighmares do not fade away when one grows up. A large population of adults gets nightmares
frequently. Although nightmares may come as a result of a person’s thought before they fell
asleep, anxiety is the most common cause of nightmares in most adults. It is believed that 2-8
percent of adults are disturbed by nightmares thought their life course.
Nightmares can be caused by the feeling of distress and unease. The feelings and
emotions that occur to a person while they experience a nightmare force them to wake up in a
frightened state. Stress is another factor that can cause nightmares in an adult. This may happen
after specific real-life experiences that create a person’s thoughts to focus on particular ideas
causing them nightmares as a result. Often, the victim’s heart tends to beat faster than usual
during and after the night mare which explains why people sweat during this experience.
As opposed to what people might perceive, nightmares involve physical movements as
well as emotions. For instance, whenever I go through a nightmare, I wake up in a state of
struggle feeling tired. This thus shows that nightmares are not only psychological but rather
involve physical activity. For instance, one might have a nightmare where they see themselves
being chased by an unidentified creature. In most cases, the things that cause fear in nightmares
are not fully revealed. The creatures involved thus tend to be partially unveiled which makes it
even hard for the victim to narrate the experience. The fact that even adults experience
nightmares makes it a disorder which requires treatment if it persists for several occasions.
A series of nightmares can cause impairment hence ending up affecting an individual in
real life. Adults tend to have a major challenge concerning nightmares because they are different
from kids who seek comfort from their parents whenever faced they experience nightmares. With
this regard, how can nightmares be treated? In order to treat this problem, doctors follow a
procedure where they begin by determining the cause of the nightmares. The reason behind this
is because some nightmares are connected with other sleep disorders that tend to trigger them. If
any other sleep problem is diagnosed, it is treated distinctly before the nightmare treatment
commences. People with PTSD can be cured through a rehearsal therapy where they are
instructed to change the ending to a nightmare when someone is alert during day time.
As depicted in most movies, nightmares cause distress and are often associated with a
person’s real situation. People with emotional issues or stress will experience nightmares more
often than people who lead happy lives. In summary, we create the nightmares in our own minds
only that they do not happen exactly the way they are expected. This comes through our thoughts
of the things that we fear most or the situations that we are facing at the moment. People who
experience nightmares usually have specific issues going on in their life. As results, their
thoughts are transformed into nightmares causing terror in the middle of the night until the
problems are addressed. In my opinion, nightmares do not usually occur when a person is
experiencing a happy life. Certain real-life situations contribute to the nightmares experienced by
Lamarche, L. J., & De Koninck, J. (2007). Sleep disturbance in adults with posttraumatic stress
disorder: a review. The Journal of clinical psychiatry.
Leung, A. K., & Robson, W. L. (1993). Nightmares. Journal of the National Medical
Association, 85(3), 233.
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